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flashlight brown fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
flashlight brown fans

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Fake It [17 Mar 2006|11:07pm]

Hey fans of Flashlight Brown. I'm not sure if anyone will read this but...we'll see. ANYWAY. Flashlight Brown have a new album coming out. It will be out on JUNE 6 (6.6.06...in the words of Matt Hughes "It only happens once a century!"). The album is called BLUE and it is amazing!

The tracklisting is as follows:

That's My Problem
Party By Myself
Get Out of My Car
I'm Not Sorry
I'm a Human
Frankie's Second Hand
Fake It
What Did We Care?
Ugly Baby
Loud Music

now. If you dont think you can wait that long, you can buy the songs from iTunes. But dont ask me how...I have no idea. haha. But pick it up for sure, either way. It is fantastic!

Check out www.flashlightbrown.com or www.myspace.com/flashlightbrown for more details!
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[27 Jan 2005|12:47pm]

wow.. i guess everybody was right.. hardly any one ever posts on here lol
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New Member [22 Jan 2005|08:21pm]

I just started live journal and I saw this community, I am a huge FLB fan and this looks like a sweet place.
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hamilton show [25 Nov 2004|11:24am]

[ mood | excited ]

is anyone else going to the show in hamilton (ontario) this saturday? i haven't seen them in almost a year...SO EXCITED!

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[24 Nov 2004|10:56am]


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[06 Nov 2004|01:37pm]

when will they come back and do a full US tour. gosh. its been a fucking year.
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hey [27 Oct 2004|10:51am]

[ mood | calm ]

Just another FLB fan...in St.Catharines. woot. ;)

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hey [06 Aug 2004|08:22pm]

Hey im new here i joined out of boredom/ fandom. bye bye
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come back everyone [21 May 2004|02:15pm]

[ mood | bored ]

ok well i just joined this community flaslight brown are awesome!
Seems like no ones updated for a while tho, come back .....

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[08 Nov 2003|02:12pm]

i've been in this community for a while, just been lurking.

does anyone know where to get any good flashlight brown pictures? if you could send a link my way, i'd really appreciate it. also, if anyone has the ready to roll video, i really want caps of it. i've tried to download it but yeah, hah, my comp doesnt seem to like flashlight brown.

thanks in advance.
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hey, i'm new.... [29 Sep 2003|11:25pm]
[ mood | calm ]

hey - i don't know if anyone even posts in here or not anymore, but i just found this community, and i love flb. i saw them sort of by accident - they (along with jersy) opened for the sum 41 concert i was at. they were awesome so i bought the cd after the show, met tim and fil at their merch tent, and got them to sign my snazzy new flb shirt, yay :). i was really surprised that a) they were selling their own merch and b) they were so down to earth and nice. and now i have become... obsessed, yes i'll admit it. anyway... they posted some of the pix i sent in on their site from the show i was at... they are under the photos section, just click on the link that says "Ottawa, ON, Bluesfest July 7 - Sent in by Courtney" or you can go here:
i also found one of their older cds, the one from 2001, self titled again... and that's about it. just wanted to put in my support for flashlight and hopefully get people posting in this community again now that i have joined :)
-Courtney :)
ps does anyone know if fil cut his hair? i.e. how recent is that pic on the Ben Sherman site? (http://www.benshermanusa.com/media.html)

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Fan Listing [22 Jul 2003|10:39pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Everyone check out http://fan.swing-swing.net/flashlightbrown/
You can join and put a graphic code in your LJ info if you don't have a website!

FLB fans Unite :P

Sorry. I'm a dork.

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a post! a post! [22 Jul 2003|11:30am]

[ mood | excited ]

i hope someone will see and reply to this soon. eep.

okay, my warped is on sunday (jacksonville, FL). anywho. i heard flashlight brown was playing?? the guy was pretty damn convinced. i knew they had some dates, but i dunno if they had all. and their site doesnt list any.

so.. : if anyone knows which dates flashlight brown will be on warped, please let me know

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someone [03 Jul 2003|05:44pm]

needs to post.. so i will..

Read more...Collapse )
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hey hey hey [26 Jun 2003|12:34am]


Flashlight brown performed at my school in march =D I got an autographed picture, a guitar pic signed by Fil (he's such a hottie, I gave him a hug, we got to hang out with them for a while cuz my friend interviewed them for the school paper), and the ball of tape that Fil and Mikey played loveball with, haha fun stuff! :-D
and if you look at their website in the journal under March 10th and look at the pics, you will see the picture of this guy from school that looks like little timmy, I love it! he was dressed in camo and everything. Check it out!
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Hmm... Maybe People Are Starting To Notice [21 Jun 2003|02:03pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I stroll into best buy today thinking about buying some random cds, when I see that Flashlight Brown CD on the rack which is kind of cool becuase sometimes you can't find newer bands that aren't that famous around so thats cool, then I'm looking through other cds and all the sudden over the intercom I hear something along the lines of check out the new Flashlight Brown Cd blah blah blah and they play ready to roll... I thought that was pretty awesome...

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[21 Jun 2003|11:55am]
the community, claims___ is awesome. you can claim your favorite band or your favorite song. you can have two claims. and if you make a banner or an icon, you may have a 3rd claim. it's awesome so join. :]
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[16 Jun 2003|01:39pm]

[ mood | confused ]


the song thats on the rugrats soundtrack is..

*drum roll*

'ready to roll'.

i wonder if they edit out any? like 'pick up an elven bar whore.'

thats just too funny. little kids will be rockin out.

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it's been kinda quiet here lately... [16 Jun 2003|05:02am]

so i duuno what happened to everyone here, but it's been kinda dead lately. anyway...i don't really have anything exciting to say except FLB is gonna be at warped tour when i am, woo hoo!! Also, i saw a preview on TV for that new rugrats movie thing's soundtrack and FLB is on it i guess??? i wonder what song it is...
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Mwhahahaha. [14 Jun 2003|10:42am]

[ mood | jubilant ]

Flashlight Brown, you're my heroes! Haha, but not exactly.

I lovededed their music though. However, the remakes of Lose the Shades and Butterball aren't as cool as their originals. Ready to Roll is amazingly funny though.... as I am a D&D geek. Geeks FOREVER! Wo0t.

It bothers me a litte that they were in ym though, but what can you do.... punk's, becoming a trend. It's sad, but sooner or later it'll fade away. Hopefully.

Anyway, sorry if a post like this appears twice, as I had a little trouble beginning with this.

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