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hey, i'm new....

hey - i don't know if anyone even posts in here or not anymore, but i just found this community, and i love flb. i saw them sort of by accident - they (along with jersy) opened for the sum 41 concert i was at. they were awesome so i bought the cd after the show, met tim and fil at their merch tent, and got them to sign my snazzy new flb shirt, yay :). i was really surprised that a) they were selling their own merch and b) they were so down to earth and nice. and now i have become... obsessed, yes i'll admit it. anyway... they posted some of the pix i sent in on their site from the show i was at... they are under the photos section, just click on the link that says "Ottawa, ON, Bluesfest July 7 - Sent in by Courtney" or you can go here:
i also found one of their older cds, the one from 2001, self titled again... and that's about it. just wanted to put in my support for flashlight and hopefully get people posting in this community again now that i have joined :)
-Courtney :)
ps does anyone know if fil cut his hair? i.e. how recent is that pic on the Ben Sherman site? (
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